From first-class disconnected jump spots to a warm inviting nearby bar scene, from stunning turquoise waters to simple cruising conditions, the British Virgin Islands are overflowing with highest level seashores, choice food, and probably the best fishing you’ll actually experience.

It doesn’t make any difference what your experience level is or how you like to get your fishing fix, the BVI has everything, including gloating rights to different world records of game fishing. This spot is a mariner’s heaven and an angler’s little glimpse of heaven.

On the off chance that you need to bring in the greatest catch, get comfortable with these ten basic, yet critical, things before you go:

Kinds of Fishing in the BVI

Bonefishing in the BVI

Of course, the bonefishing in the British Virgin Islands is well better than expected, yet Anegada, specifically, is the “mothership”. On the off chance that you have a craving for chasing some feisty bonefish on the fly, at that point anyplace inside the scope of Anegada’s reef-bordered pads ought to be on your radar.

Inshore Fishing

In case you’re looking for isolation from flighty climate and ocean conditions, inshore fishing is ideal for getting little fish or bigger fish hiding on their prey in shallow waters. A strong decision for those with youngsters in their group, inshore fishing centers around cruising shallow pads areas, where the actual islands offer assurance.


Barracuda – coves, banks, reefs, mangrove tidal ponds

Bonita – inshore, drop-offs

Tough guy – inshore

Jacks – inshore

Kingfish – reefs, drop-offs

Mackerel – inshore

License – inlets, reefs, shallow kelp, pads

Yellowtail Snapper – reefs, banks

Tarpon – inlets, harbors, mangrove tidal ponds

If it’s not too much trouble, note: Barracuda might be toxic and ought to consistently be delivered.

Seaward Fishing BVI

Climate and ocean conditions allowing, seaward fishing in the BVI is greater and better than elsewhere on account of the recognized rundown of prize fish that possess those profound Caribbean waters.


Blackfin Tuna – rack regions

Blue Marlin – North/South drops

Mahi – North/South drops, rack regions

Sailfish – North/South drops

Wahoo – rack regions

White Marlin – North/South drops

Yellowfin Tuna – North/South drops

Coastal Fishing BVI

In all honesty, the British Virgin Islands considerably offer some good coastal fishing. Regardless of whether you’re simply hanging out inland, it’s conceivable to pull in photograph commendable kingfish, triggerfish, or yellowtail snapper after you drop a line.

Kindly note: There are three various types of triggerfish so you should have the option to reveal to them separated. Dependable guideline:

dark = toxic

dim = business utilize as it were

yellow = uncommon variety/should deliver

Savaging Fishing

Savaging a line behind your sailboat during your British Virgin Islands experience can end up being exceptionally advantageous. Indeed, even at moderate cruising speeds somewhere in the range of 2 and 3 bunches, savaging can in any case catch you fair gets of mackerel, jacks, barracuda, and yellowtail snapper, particularly. Savage your way towards Anegada at around 5-7 bunches and you could score Wahoo and Mahi.

BVI Fishing License

Before you can take part in any sort of fishing action in the BVI, the Virgin Islands government requires each vessel to be enrolled with the Department of Conservation and Fisheries. What’s more, every benefactor should buy a 30-day fishing permit early or upon appearance in Road Town, Tortola. Youngsters younger than 18 don’t have to have a fishing permit.

To acquire a fishing grant in the BVI, you need to present an application to the Department of Conservation and Fisheries alongside the accompanying:

Installment (see the application for refreshed expenses)

A substantial type of picture distinguishing proof (visa or driver’s permit)

It’s prescribed to present your records in any event fourteen days ahead of time of your get-away.

Best Fishing Spots in the BVI

Meat Island Bridge

There is a little fishing problem area found simply off the west side of Beef Island Bridge that is a prized minimal mystery in the BVI. This effectively available territory is ideal for hauling your line in light of the genuinely solid current, which will probably get some surface feeders en route – mackerel, kingfish, or fish.

North Drop, BVI

Around 18 miles north of St. Thomas, the seaward rack region closes and the profundity drops a few hundred feet to 1000’s of feet down. This remarkable locale is known as the North Drop, where Atlantic Blue Marlin brings forth throughout the mid year.

South Drop, BVI

Much the same as its northern partner, there is another drop-off situated around 6 miles out from the southern side of St. Thomas where the rack region closes and the sea profundity increments drastically. The South Drop is a popular fishing spot in the BVI due to its unfathomable prize fish populace and effectively open area.

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