Dubai Deep Sea Fishing Trip

We offer a distinctive experience in fishing trips in Dubai, it is available for families, children, adolescents, and the elderly, the Gulf enjoys different colors of marine life. We provide our customers with all the tools related to fishing and provide all the late ways to enjoy a completely different fishing trip. We have distinctive fishing capes that contain all your hunting requirements.

Enjoy the experience of fishing in deep waters in Dubai under the rays of the sun at your preferred time, everyone prefers the wonderful weather and going away in order to relax and get rid of the stress of life and daily problems, there is nothing better than sailing on a boat and touching the favorite hobby in the shadow of the stillness and calm of the sea, you can eat your favorite meal onboard your DIY boat, where we provide all required cooking utensils, soft drinks, water, and ice.

Private Fishing Charter

We have a crew consisting of the captain and those who serve you and they are at the highest level of experience and dealing with the critical situation and they have many experiences in the depths of the sea, they will provide you with all means that help you in your comfort during your fishing tour.

Fishing activities in Dubai are among the best things that you can do. Dubai enjoys stunning scenery, especially the beaches of the Marina and Jumeirah. If you are planning to spend a happy vacation with family, friends, or your lover, fishing trips maybe your best option, as enjoying the sunshine in the middle of the Gulf waters while practicing amateur Hunting which most of us adore.

We provide Deep Sea Fishing charters services in Dubai at prices that suit everyone. While ensuring the provision of all fishing tools for all people, such as hooks, fish bait, ice boxes, water, and cooking tools. Don’t worry about the price as we never charge clients that much. Our Dubai Fishing Boats are equipped with the latest tools. Our ultimate goal is to provide the best services and facilities that you may need while fishing in the deep sea in Dubai. All boats come with a skilled crew who will be on hand to assist you with every step. Our crew members are familiar with the sections of the sea rich in marine life. In those areas, you can easily catch different types of fish and also enjoy some stunning visuals at the same time.

In Yacht Rental Dubai, we offer organized fishing trips and strive to provide all means of comfort to our customers, we have a trained crew and have experience in the routes and places of sailing and the most important places and fishing seasons in Dubai, if fish is your favorite meal, you can enjoy your meal on the boat during the fishing trip, is not this Really fun to be on a boat, fishing and eating grilled fish in the middle of the Gulf waters?

A large selection of boats are available

Fishing trips do not only guarantee small boats, but you can book a large yacht for fishing trips, so we have provided you with all sizes and types of luxury yachts at competitive prices and will not be suitable for everyone, our goal is profit, but of course, the comfort of our customers is of utmost importance to us, do not miss the opportunity to learn and practice the hobby of fishing, which must be occupied An area of ​​your life on an ongoing basis, there are many things to be learned from fishing.

Access to abundant marine life

Being among the best saltwater fishing destinations in the world, Dubai hosts a number of species that you will rarely find anywhere else in the world. Our crew members are well versed in all the techniques required for fishing. They will actively assist you in finding species like kingfish, tuna, queenfish, cobia, barracuda, grouper, and many more. Get ready to embark on a deep-sea fishing trip in Dubai with us. Get ready to find a good catch when you go on a fishing trip with us.

During the fishing trip, you see many wonderful and exciting places that you have never seen before, as we mentioned the beaches of Dubai are characterized by different colors and calm waves most of the time, and our staff is fully aware of the most important places that can be used for fishing.

Get ready to enjoy a safe fishing trip

In renting a Dubai yacht, we provide all the means of safety and privacy for our customers. We also provide the necessary tools in the event of any problem. Rescue jackets and people trained to save people are always by your side on the boat and provide you with all the instructions that make you safe.

Dubai Deep Sea Fishing Trip- Provides immense fun

People of all age groups enjoy fishing trips in Dubai. Families, individuals, children, teens, and the elderly almost love to indulge in this activity. Thanks to Mother Nature, the sea of ​​this huge city is blessed with different colors of marine life. We provide our customers with the necessary facilities to enjoy fishing trips in Dubai at an affordable price. You should never miss an opportunity when you knock on your door to rest and relax.

Prices and Flight Duration

Our prices depend on the type of yacht or boat that the customer chooses, we have all the different sizes at reasonable prices, and the duration of the trip is determined by our customers and starts from 3 hours to 12 hours and we book the trip on time if there are no other flights at the same time, so In the event of an exile in booking a fishing trip, please do not hesitate to contact us.

The Famous Fish in the United Arab Emirates

Orange Spotted Trevally (Jesh Um Al Hala)

deep sea fishing dubai

Two Bar Seabream (Faskar)

deep sea fishing dubai

Black-Streaked Monocle Bream (Ebzimi)

deep sea fishing dubai

Yellow Bar Angelfish (Anfooz)

deep sea fishing dubai

Sordid Sweetlips (Yanam)

deep sea fishing dubai

Ehrenbergs Snapper (Naiser)

deep sea fishing dubai

Yellow Fin Seabream (Shaam)

deep sea fishing dubai

Blackspotted Rubberlip (Hilali)

deep sea fishing dubai

Giant Sea Catfish (Khan)

deep sea fishing dubai

Yellow Tail Scad (Durduman)

deep sea fishing dubai



  1. Jebel Ali Harbour
  2. World Island Site
  3. Atlantis Ship Channel site


  • Professional Captain and Crew.
  • Soft-drinks, water, and Ice.
  • Music System.
  • Fishing Equipment ( Bait & Rod).
  • Safety Equipment.
  • Fuel.


  • Guest can bring their own food.
  • Alcoholic Beverages are allowed (except Ramadan & dry days).
  • Minimum of 4 hours for fishing Activity.


How do you prepare for a fishing trip well?

Fishing is a popular hobby that may reach the point of professionalism as a profession, but it remains an outlet for many people and combines different ages and classes. It takes a person for long hours, possibly for days, to have a quiet time away from the clamor to meditate and enjoy nature. But before you prepare for the perfect fishing trip, you should consider a few important things that some hobbyists may overlook, we will mention them in this article and we will help you prepare your fishing bag.


Before deciding on the days of your fishing trip, you should check weather forecasts for those days at the fishing destination you are going to. Especially if you are preparing for a long trip. The wind is an important factor in fishing, as fish abound in quiet places. You have to choose the right times at the best fishing spots

Clothes, food, and drink

Depending on your knowledge of the weather, dress appropriately for your fishing. If your trip is long, don’t forget to bring extra clothes in case the unexpected weather strikes. Take enough food and drink for you, if your trip will take several hours, a bottle of water and a regular meal will suffice for you. But if you intend to go on a long trip, you must calculate the amount that will suffice for you in that period and bring reserve stocks in case you decide to extend the period or any emergency situation.

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