With the improvement of the weather and the return of the refreshing sea breezes that encourage going out for outdoor activities, fishing enthusiasts find their way again to ride the waves and set out for fun and pleasure.

Cruise seasons are waiting for amateurs warmly to do their favorite activity that gives them a lot of mental clarity, inner peace, renewal of energy and activity

These activities flourish in the fall and winter seasons with the improvement of the climate and moderate temperatures, and they stop in the summer when the high heat pushes the fish to dive to the bottom to enjoy a cooler atmosphere from the surface and therefore the best fishing times are in the winter away from the periods of sun perpendicular to the surface of the water and trips begin Before sunrise or before sunset, and some are keen to make this hobby a family activity that brings together members of the same family in a monthly outing or a weekly sport that renews their vitality and brings them together with friends in a useful and enjoyable hobby.

fishing trip

Zahir Sultan, an “employee” in Dubai, says: During the summer it is very difficult to practice marine excursions except in a limited way or in air-conditioned boats, which limits the efficiency and pleasure of fishing. Therefore, summer is the season that the owners of cruisers devote to maintenance, renewal of paints, and removal of sediments and crustaceans that cover the body The boat and its outside deck, and this is what I did on my cruiser, in which I practice fishing with my friends and relatives, as we start with the improvement of the weather and the beginning of the autumn season in taking advantage of the weekends.

As for Firas Abdullah, he tells us about his happiness at the return of the hunting season, saying: Hunting for me and for my family is a mental and physical sport that works to clear the mind, reduce tension, and bring together family and friends. Therefore, we are keen at this time to renew fishing tools and for myself, I am preparing to buy a larger “Ice Box” to accommodate sizes Bigger than the fish we catch.

Samir Abdullah, a university student, says it is a sport that we inherit from a father to grandfather, and with the beginning of the season, I discovered that my fishing rod had eroded due to the seawater, as my brother neglected to store it, so I worked on allocating a budget for the renewal of fishing equipment and went to the Chinese market to buy several rods, one of which was It is intended for fishing trawl or “trolling” that is suitable for fishing kingfish, Khattab, and migratory tuna, as it began to flock to the shores of the country full of the best species and of nutritional value that its fishing achieves great pleasure because it needs to keep the boat sailing at a certain speed with throwing the line in the water and using an artificial bait that shines This attracts large volumes that are active at the surface and is usually available in abundance in Khor Fakkan and Fujairah.

As for Safinaz Hussain, she says: I learned the hobby and started practicing it one year ago, but I found it what I wanted, and it is beautiful and enjoyable, it teaches patience, the strength of observation and endurance, as well as interaction with the elements of nature, and although some believe that it is only suitable for men, I consider it a hobby that everyone can practice I usually go out with my friends, their husbands and their children on trips that are repeated every week, and women often outperform men in the precious return because hunting requires stamina and are things that women may excel in.

Jihad Yahya, an “employee in Sharjah” said: I got to know the sport of fishing and took part in the first cruise after the invitation of a friend. The family members accompanied us and we went out before sunrise, and when the sun began to emerge from the heart of the water at the horizon line, the sky was colored in wonderful colors while looking from afar the magnificent Dubai Towers. To reflect on it the emerging lights with its colors, and I think that these moments were enough for us to love this beautiful sport, and I became persistent with it with my family to enjoy a monthly fishing trip and when we return to the beach we find a delicious meal of fish that we caught we eat with friends and family.

How do you prepare for a fishing trip well?

fishing is a popular hobby that may reach the point of professionalism as a profession, but it remains an outlet for many people and combines different ages and classes. It takes a person for long hours, possibly for days, to have a quiet time away from the clamor to meditate and enjoy nature. But before you prepare for the perfect fishing trip, you should consider a few important things that some hobbyists may overlook, we will mention them in this article and we will help you prepare your fishing bag. All you need for your fishing trip

Fishing rod and appropriate bait

Before you start fishing you must make sure your fishing rod is working. Make sure the thread is tight and the bobbin is running smoothly, and take more than one hook with you. The bait used for fishing varies according to the type of fish you want to catch, its size, and the type of water, whether it is fresh or salty.

You can rely on a guide or an experienced fisherman to tell you the best fishing spots, places to sell bait near you, and the best type of bait that matches the type and size of fish you want. Bait is the fisherman’s secret key, the most common species are earthworms or small fish, some use their own formulations that they formulate through their personal experience. Take an appropriate amount and different types of bait to identify the most suitable for you.


Before deciding on the days of your fishing trip, you should check weather forecasts for those days at the fishing destination you are going to. Especially if you are preparing for a long trip. The wind is an important factor in fishing, as fish abound in quiet places. You have to choose the right times at the best fishing spots.

Fishing license

In order not to get into trouble and to ensure that you can continue to go fishing without any worries, you should always have a fishing license in your possession. If you do not have one, you must start preparing the necessary papers and go to the authority responsible for obtaining a fishing license. Also, pay attention to the laws governing the fishing process in some countries, as some regions impose special fishing regulations according to the species and the fishing season in order not to disturb the environmental balance.

Clothes, food and drink

Depending on your knowledge of the weather, dress appropriately for your fishing. If your trip is long, don’t forget to bring extra clothes in case the unexpected weather strikes. Take enough food and drink for you, if your trip will take several hours, a bottle of water and a regular meal will suffice for you. But if you intend to go on a long trip, you must calculate the amount that will suffice for you in that period and bring reserve stocks in case you decide to extend the period or any emergency situation.

safety precautions

You should bring a small first aid kit in case anything happens while fishing. In the event that your destination has rivers near swamps or other places, do not forget to bring an insecticide you trust. To increase your security from harmful UV rays, especially if you have problematic skin on your body and prefer fishing in sunshine hours, bring sunblock with you. If you have a heart attack or something else, do not forget to bring your necessary medicines with you in case you have a sudden attack while fishing.


If you get lost in the sea while fishing, the compass will be your only friend. Or you can use modern technology such as a GPS device, and there are some devices specially manufactured to make it easier for you to fish. In the end, remember that a fishing trip is a way to have fun and quiet time. So be careful to arrange your trip carefully and make sure you don’t forget any of the above in order to enjoy your fishing trip well

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